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Lumoava Delicate

Lumoava jewelry

Lumoava Delicate

Carina Blomqvist

Designed by Carina Blomqvist, Lumoava Delicate depicts a butterfly in both shape and soul. Even though the butterfly is a frail and delicate creature, it is carried forward by its strong life cycle. We can also never know what tomorrow might bring, and should therefore never forget to enjoy each moment. Delicate reminds us to live in the moment, try our best, and not waste our precious lives.

While Lumoava Delicate makes a brilliant gift for a young person, it suits everyone regardless of age. Give it to someone who radiates joy like the lightweight flight of the butterfly, or perhaps someone who you wish would find happiness and could live in the present moment. 

Fluttering gently, moving sweetly
showing its beauty, flying freely
Spreading its wings, ready to soar
overcoming fear, reaching for more